Indigo Class

Welcome to Year 5: Indigo Class 2022-2023
This year Indigo Class is taught by Mrs Bonell four days a week. Every Wednesday, they are taught by Ms Guy. 
Mrs Neaum supports the learning in class every morning and on Monday afternoons.
Our Spring Term topic is all about the Rainforests. We will be asking Why the Rainforests are so important? and as part of this we will be visiting Eden to experience the habitat of a rainforest (and sneak in some ice skating too!) 
Our Autumn Term topic was Cornish Mining. We explored the question "How did mining change the Cornish landscape?" As part of this the children enjoyed visiting Geevor Tin Mine and being part of a mining workshop where they interviewed Miners from Geevor. 
Any questions or concerns please message Mrs Bonell: