Our School Productions Policy

Statutory Information

Guidance for Parents taking Photographs and filming at School Productions


 We are staging our ………….. productions this week. We are sure some parents/carers would like to take photographs/videos of the production. As you know we have a policy in place with regards to the taking, making and use of images and you will have previously signed a consent form stating whether or not your child could be photographed.

 If you wish to take photos at the production there is a strong possibility that other children will also be included within the picture.

 We now have the exciting dimension of adding our images and videos to our online social network, such as Facebook, YouTube and many other websites.  This means that we can easily share our photos and video with family and friends.  Whilst this can be very useful to all of us, we must ensure we protect and safeguard all children and staff, including those who do not want to have their images stored online.

 At St Marys, we are happy for parents and carers to take photos and video recordings of events for personal use, but we request that these images/ recordings are not distributed or put online at all. This ensures that you do not breach the Data Protection Act 1998.

 Photographs can be considered personal data under the Data Protection Act 1998. The Information Commissioner’s Office states photographs taken by parents at nativity plays do not breach the Data Protection Act so long as they are only for personal use.

 Many Thanks


Mr King

E-safety Coordinator