Orange Class


Welcome to our Foundation Stage.


Early Years Lead Teacher: Mrs Griffiths

Reception TA's: Miss Morse & Miss Lana

Pre-School Leader: Mrs Allen  Pre-School TA's: Miss Davis


Learning and Development Observation, Assessment and Planning

Children are at the heart of our curriculum and we know that children’s development and learning is best supported by starting from the child, and then matching interactions and experiences to meet the child’s needs. The observation, assessment and planning cycle. On-going formative assessment is at the heart of effective early years practice. It involves observation of children as a part of all activities, which is most often held in the mind of the practitioner but may sometimes be documented, using this rich information to understand how a child is developing, learning and growing, and then planning the next steps for the adults in supporting and extending the learning.

Our class

 As of September 2022, we adapted our class names. We are now fondly known as Red Class (Preschool) and Orange Class (Reception). These colours closely link to our school emblem of a rainbow and with our strapline of Learning with Hope. We use the rainbow in the same way that God sent a rainbow of hope in the Noah's Ark bible story.

Our values

Our school has 4 core values, which are, Hope, Generosity, Perseverance, and Courage. Our EYFS class shares the value of Generosity. We follow the bible text of Jesus feeding the 5000 to help the us understand this value and help us to replicate generosity in our day to day learning.


Our Half Termly Topics and Curriculum.

Please see our curriculum overview and topic leaflet below to find out what we will be learning or why not come and visit us to see our learning in action.