Reading for Pleasure in School

Fiction and Non-fiction
Daily, class teachers share a high quality text with their class that is purely for their enjoyment.
The suggestions for these texts are made by teachers and children.  It has been a great way for children to discover new facts; new authors; and new genres of writing.
In our classroom we all have reading areas for our children to access, these are stocked with a range of different texts including magazines, non-fiction texts, and fictional works. Children have opportunities to use these throughout the day. In these areas, there are also spaces where children can find recommended text, and where they can also recommend texts to others that they have read.
Daily Poetry
We believe that children need to be exposed to a variety of language and sound patterns to help them to develop their understanding of language structures. Children across the entire school are given the opportunity to listen to a poem each day. These poems come from a variety of different high-quality anthologies and collections, which have come recommended from trusted sources, such as: the Booktrust.