At St. Mary's we want children to be life long lovers of reading, whatever the purpose. We have nurtured this in our children through providing a reading rich environment around the school.  In our environment we have provided many opportunities for children to: engage in stories through the use of story sacks; engage with texts at playtimes by creating outdoor book boxes; familiarise themselves with different authors through whole class guided reading and reading books as a class for pleasure; be exposed to different types of texts; explore the rhythm, pace and structure of poetry by sharing a poem a day in each class; access different books at home using the Borrowbox reading app; and to change their old texts from home on our book swap.
Twice a month, we run a book club at the Penzance Town Library.  
Other projects that we have developed include making our own range of audio books that are used by the children in pre-school.
Please check out the 'Learning from home' page to see how you may be able to help your child to practice their reading at home.