Inclusive Dyslexia Friendly Schools (IDFS)

Inclusive Dyslexia Friendly Schools (IDFS)

With the extremely valuable and continuing support of St. Mary’s C of E Dyslexia Friendly Schools Steering Group, the Dyslexia Governor, pupils and all school staff we are very pleased to announce that we have been awarded Inclusive, Dyslexia Friendly School Status. The IDFS Status is awarded to schools who successfully achieve the set of standards for this quality mark.

The British Dyslexia Association (BDA) describes dyslexia friendly schools as, effective schools, because they identify and select best practice. 

At St Marys C of E School we strive to embrace a ‘whole school approach’ which involves all the staff adhering to a model of good, inclusive practice. All staff of the school are committed to identifying and providing for the needs of all children irrespective of need. This is reflected in some of the many positive comments from the report:-

The focus in school has been on the whole school becoming inclusive and dyslexia friendly.

They have developed both positive solutions to individual needs as well as a whole school process that makes a difference for all students.


Committed dynamic staff are have made individual changes for children that have become ‘normal’ for everyone. This was consistently evident across the school.


There was an active, lively multi-sensory approach to class practice as well as interventions seen on the day; students were making progress and enjoying this support.


Parents would recommend this school to other parents.

We saw and experienced exemplary practice in many elements of our visit and would be happy to send other schools to St Mary’s C of E School in Penzance to see inclusive practice.

Data tracking and monitoring provides evidence of good results across the school.

We would like to thank all parents, governors and school staff for their continuing support as we endeavour to build on this success and continue to enrich the learning of all children in our school.