Welcome to Class 4

Welcome to Class 4 2019-2020

Mrs Bonell is our teacher and Mrs Neaum is our Teaching Assistant.

Spring Term 2020

Our topic this term is chocolate. The children enjoyed being chocolate tasters on our Inspiration Day. Later this term we will be going to Eden to locate the cocao plant and to discover where our chocolate actually comes from. We will also be learning about the Mayans and the climate of Mexico. 

Autumn Term 2019

Our topic this term is The Romans. We held our Inspiration Day where the children dressed up as Romans, designed a shield, sang a song, planned a Roman banquet and made Roman bread. We all enjoyed eating the bread in the typical Roman way by reclining and chatting together! We found out about Romulus and Remus and we enjoyed staging a Roman battle with different battle strategies and formations. 

For further information about our topics please see the attached topic leaflet.


Mrs Bonell





  • Mrs S Neaum

    Teaching Assistant