Welcome to Class 5

Welcome to class 5! 


Year 5's topic this term will be the 'The Tudors'.

For our topic inspiration days, we will visit the Maritime museum in Falmouth; listen and dance to live Tudor music, played on recorders; and have a Tudor rich and poor day-cooking savoury dishes from 500 years ago.

As part of our topic, we will be partaking in the Shakespeare Schools Festival, performing 'The Tempest' to paid spectators at the Regal Theatre.

For further information about our lessons this term, please see attached our topic leaflet. 


We will update our Facebook page regularly with pictures and work from our lessons as well as any homework or letters that have been sent home.


 Please feel free to contact me by email if you have any concerns or questions.  dking@st-marys-ce-pz.cornwall.sch.uk or facebook me @ Mrkingclassfivepz