At St. Mary’s C of E School we strive to ensure that every child enjoys learning and reaches their full potential.  We promote a ‘whole school approach’ which involves all staff adopting a model of high quality inclusive practise.

All teachers, teach children with special educational needs and are skilled at identifying education needs at an early stage. Most needs can be met through quality classroom teaching but some children will require further support in addition to this.

We implement a graduated approach to this. Firstly engaging with the child, parents and carers, teachers and Learning Support Assistants. Then, as required, utilising specific support from specialist staff in school as well as working with county council funded or independent outside agencies  These approaches are outlined in the ‘School Offer’ to parents.

The needs of pupils vary in many ways and although they are referred to specifically as: Cognition and Learning; Social and Communication; Social, Mental, Emotional and Health; Physical and/or Sensory in the SEND Code of Practice. We are committed to ensuring that all children receive specific and targeted support to meet their individual needs effectively.

As part of our on-going development, we endeavour to stay abreast of current theories and information regarding disability and special education needs. We have a robust outlook on continued professional development for all staff in order to present children and parents with a knowledgeable, cohesive and effective learning environment.

 We are currently working towards Inclusive Dyslexia Friendly School (IDFS) re-accreditation. The IDFS status is awarded to schools who successfully achieve the set of standards for the quality mark. This will continue to work in collaboration with pupils, parents, staff and governors in order to achieve this status. We also hope to achieve an Inclusive Quality Mark this academic year as well.

Please be assured that we strive to uphold open, honest, supportive and effective principles that ensure your child’s needs are being met to affect inclusion, engagement, enjoyment and success at school.

September 2017-2018